Vehicle PurchaseAre you wondering if that used car is worth buying? Is it in the “good shape” the seller says it is? Or is he trying to sell it quickly because something is failing?

Whether you’re buying or selling a used car, van or light commercial vehicle, don’t take any chances. Here’s the fast, easy way to know for sure what shape that used vehicle is in.

Be confident about the car you’re buying or selling. Get all the facts to help you make your decision.

With a Pre-Purchase Inspection (PPI), we will examine the vehicle and you’ll get an inspection report telling you about its condition and any issues you should be aware of.

We provide:

  • Full Pre-Purchase Inspection: Comprehensive inspection including an inspection of the car’s interior and exterior condition.
  • Mechanical Pre-Purchase Inspection: Focuses on the car’s mechanical and structural issues.
  • Vehicle Information Report: Giving you accurate information on its history.
  • Book vehicle valuation certificate.

Full Pre-Purchase Inspection.

This is the ideal choice if you can’t see the car before you buy it, or if you want the assurance of a full check by our experts.

  • We inspect under the hood, the trunk, the under-body, all lights and brake performance, as well as doing a drive test. We also include a complete interior and exterior inspection.
  • You’ll receive a comprehensive report by email including photos of the vehicle.

Mechanical Pre-Purchase Inspection

This is great if you’re able to assess the state of the car’s interior and exterior yourself and want a report focusing on whether it is mechanically and structurally sound.

  • The inspection covers under the hood, the under-body, brake performance, as well as a test drive.
  • Our inspectors will also do an inspection of the exterior for corrosion or damage that impacts its safety and they will highlight this on the report.
  • You’ll also receive a comprehensive mechanical report.

If you are shopping for a used car, be sure to get a pre-purchase inspection before you buy. We want to help you make a safe and financially responsible decision for you and your family. Contact us to schedule a pre-buy-inspection @ 207-622-1557.

Be sure to download our “Self-Inspection Checklist” to assist you in determining if the vehicle you are interested in is worth pursuing further and having us do a Full Pre-Purchase Check.

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