Electrical SystemDo you have a dash light that comes on sporadically? Does your car blow a fuse regularly? Are you looking for a reliable company to check on your vehicle’s electrical system?

Any vehicle uses three basic systems to work — mechanical, electrical and chemical systems. If any one of the systems do not working properly, the vehicle may not run to its full functionality.

We’ll prepare a plan to make sure your electrical system repairs are managed correctly.

Our diagnosis will cover the following, plus much more:

  • Automotive Charging System repair with proper diagnostics
  • Alternator replacement
  • Battery installation/Life Testing
  • Power windows/seats/locks diagnostic and repair
  • Headlights, turn signal lights, dome lights and taillights bulb replacement

Why choose us?

  • Quality Work
  • No Surprises
  • Timely Turnaround
  • Personal Service
  • State-of- the- art technology
  • Honest, professional, reliable, and friendly

If you are having trouble with your vehicle’s electrical system and need a professional opinion, we are here to help. Contact us at 207-622-1557

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