Maine-State-inspection-stickerThe Maine State Vehicle Inspection Program was initiated more than 65 years ago and mandates all vehicles registered in the State of Maine to go through an annual safety inspection.

Making sure that cars are well-maintained and functioning properly saves lives. Having a malfunctioning brake system or broken windshield wipers doesn’t just endanger the life of the driver, but the lives of the car’s passengers, other drivers on the road, and even pedestrians. Many fatal accidents are caused by vehicles that are poorly maintained, and that is one of the many reasons why yearly automotive inspections are so important.

When doing a State Vehicle Inspection, your licensed technician will follow the guidelines and policies of the Maine State Police, which includes testing the brakes, exhaust system, lights and turn signals, horn, tires, seat belts and more (see below). He’ll complete his inspection, put the results in writing, and then bring you out to your car to discuss the findings. We encourage you to ask any questions about your vehicle needs at this time.

Not only is this a State requirement but it’s a great way to spot possible problems that may not be observed or noticed by you, the owner. If your brakes are wearing down, or your exhaust system is failing, the technician executing your inspection will notice and inform you of it before it becomes an even larger, and more expensive, issue.

Kirkpatrick’s Service & Repair is an authorized provider of state inspection services. Our inspectors are agents of the state police and have been trained and educated to pass all state tests, and be knowledgeable of all state laws concerning to auto inspection. Not only will we perform a comprehensive inspection of your vehicle, we will gladly inform and educate you of the most effective ways to keep your car operating at peak performance at all times.

You can schedule your annual Maine State Safety Inspection at Kirkpatrick’s Service & Repair by calling us @ 207-622-1557. The inspection takes about 20-30 minutes and we’ll do our best to get you back on the road quickly and safely. Check your windshield today to see when your inspection is due and contact us to schedule your appointment and get your car inspected today. To learn more about Maine’s Inspection Requirements “click here“.

Items checked for Maine’s Class A State Vehicle Inspection:

Rearview Mirror
Window Glass
Seat Belts
Steering Mechanism
Suspension System
Wheels and Axles
Exhaust System
Headlights, including aim specifications
Registration Plates and Rear Plate Lighting
Directional Lights
Rear Reflector
Body elements and sheet Metal Hazards

We Also Offer Used Vehicle Pre-Buy Inspections!

NOTE: If you’re planning to, or are in the process of buying a used car, truck or SUV we offer Pre-Buy Inspection Service!

Spend a little NOW & save yourself from POTENTIAL COSTS & HEADACHES down the road.

Let us check it out before you make an offer!

This will empower you to make a fair offer based on the work that may need to be done OR the knowledge you must walk away from the deal.

I don’t know about you but I’d be STOKED to spend a few bucks to save A LOT in future repairs on a bad deal!

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